• Stat! Spray with Enhanced Hydrogel speeds healing of cuts, bites, scratches, and burns.
  • Moisturizing cellulose-based formula includes Aloe vera to calm and soothe dry skin, itching, rashes, hot spots, and other skin conditions. 
  • Promotes new hair growth with no discoloration.
  • Developed by hospital pharmacist for her own pets. 
  • Creates cellulose film over wound to retain moisture and protect from dust and dirt.
  • Safe, non-toxic and contains no alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, tea tree oil or bleach.
  • Fresh eucalyptus fragrance naturally repels insects.
  • Made in USA. Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Help your pets heal faster with Stat! Spray. The cellulose-based Enhanced Hydrogel in Stat! Spray creates a moisture rich micro-environment that promotes the rapid healing of cuts, scratches, bites, rashes, minor burns, and other skin conditions. Stat! Spray is made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients that includes a fresh eucalyptus fragrance to repel flies and other insects.

Stat! Spray is perfect for pet first-aid kit and intended for use on horses, dogs, and cats. Stat! Spray is non-adhesive to wounds and contains no alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, tea tree oil, or bleach. Best of all, Stat! Spray can be used with or without a bandage and the 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles come with an easy-to-hold trigger sprayer that allows you to reach your pet's sensitive areas.

Buy with confidence knowing that Stat! Spray comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and backed by a customer support team that's ready to answer your questions. Get the acclaimed healing power of the next generation of animal wound and skin care. Order your bottle of Stat! Spray today!

8 oz. bottle is our most popular size with trigger sprayer.


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4 oz. bottle with mist sprayer is great for cats and small dogs.


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16 oz. bottle offers the best value for horses and large dogs.


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This stuff works GREAT!  I noticed immediate results. Our 11 year old dog had such itchy skin and several sore breakouts that our Vet said was due to allergies. We started using Stat! Spray and after 1-2 days her sores were about completely gone. She is almost like a new dog now, hardly ever itches. Will definitely be ordering more.


Really love this stuff. It is so easy to apply with the spray bottle, promotes fast healing and the ingredients keeps flies away from the cuts and scrapes on my horses. Had a 3" scrape on my Buckskin's lower leg the other day from a broken fence. Sprayed on Stat and a few days later I could hardly tell where it had been. 


I bought this for my older cat who developed a rash on her back. I have used it for a week and the rash is almost gone! I was really impressed with this product. I was also amazed that my cat actually allows me to put it on her because she is very picky about anything put on her so it's kitty approved too. 


Stat! is an amazing product. My dog had some serious injuries which did not heal because he kept chewing them as they healed. Once we started using Stat! the healing process was apparent within 48 hours. The dog no long was jerking back to chew and he slept for hours at a time for over a week. 


Works great on my dogs paws. The dogs don't like the smell so are less likely to lick it off. One dog enjoys getting sprayed when a paw is hurting. Good product that promotes fast healing. I'll buy more.


Had a horse with very bad wound that she got from sharp barb in the trailer. I used other treatment but healing was slow. Once I started the Stat! couldn't believe how fast it healed. Almost not visible now.


We have 60 horses and this product is effective and convenient for wound care.  We discovered an added bonus with horses that rub their mane and tails.  It helps to soothe itchy skin too.  I highly recommend Stat! Spray.


A good friend of mine recommended Stat! Spray.  Oh-my-gosh, the stuff really works.  I used it on my dog who is always getting cuts and sores.  Stat! Spray heals her wounds so fast it blows my mind.  For anyone with a dog, you got to try it!